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What is the PADI Self Reliant Diver specialty Course? The PADI Self Reliant diver specialty is a challenging course that teaches you to look out for yourself underwater. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you only follow the Self Reliant principles when diving on your own. Through the course you learn how following these principles in every dive can provide major benefits to you and those around you. Who is the Self Reliant diver specialty for? To take part in…

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New PADI Instructors after the IE

Our First IDC with Mark Soworka

Our First IDC with Mark Soworka In every industry there is someone who becomes so successful that they become legendary. In PADI Instructor Training, the someone is Mark Soworka of Dive-Careers. A very down-to-earth guy, he has built a huge reputation on his ability to explain everything simply, and communicate on a real level with his students. He could be any one of us. And maybe that’s part of his success – we can all see ourselves in him.  …

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Our New Divemaster Internship

We have just launched our new Divemaster Internship and we think it’s fabulous! (We’re not biased at all – really 😉 ) We’ve developed our Divemaster Course over the last few years and we include 3 Similan Liveaboard trips as well as pool and theory training.  It’s lots of fun, but it is intensive.  In 4 weeks you cover a LOT of material. You learn loads and develop from a recreational diver into a Divemaster, but it is full-on. So…

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New Skills and New Friends

We started diving with our open water course way back in 2003 in the UK. 15 years later as 40 (and a bit) year olds, doing our Divemaster Course with KSA was quite an experience!  Our intention was to primarily have a great experience.  We also wanted to take our diving to the next level and learn new skills. Being Divemasters would give us the option of having a part-time hobby job when we got back home.  We also hoped to…

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The Happiest Divemaster Alive ….

Somewhere in 2016 I noticed that the job I once loved so much became just that – a job. A way to make (good) money yet it felt more and more like I had to drag myself into the office each day.  I realised that I desperately needed to take a break to recharge my batteries.  Diving quickly became an obsession when I discovered it a few years back.  I knew instantly that becoming a Divemaster is something I wanted…

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