Our First IDC with Mark Soworka

In every industry there is someone who becomes so successful that they become legendary. In PADI Instructor Training, the someone is Mark Soworka of Dive-Careers.

A very down-to-earth guy, he has built a huge reputation on his ability to explain everything simply, and communicate on a real level with his students. He could be any one of us. And maybe that’s part of his success – we can all see ourselves in him.

IDC with Mark Soworka


Our February IDC was a multi-national group, with an even split of men and women.

After the orientation they went straight into learning how to teach in confined water on the first day. This is always one of the best parts of any IDC – where they get stuck into teaching skills for the first time.  There’s lots to learn, but it’s fun, rewarding and challenging.

The IDC was varied and interesting, with the candidates forming a really tight-knit group that worked together well.  They practiced confined water skills, rescue skills and open water presentations as a team. They built friendships and bonds that will carry them forward for years to come.

We split classroom presentations and confined into 2 groups, and with 2 different assessors (Mark and Ann) they got variety of feedback and viewpoints.  Everyone learns differently, and different teaching styles give instructor candidates a chance to see other ways to teach and learn.

Along with his years of experience, Mark included lots of extras:

  • an equipment workshop looking at Scubapro regulators and BCDs
  • a marine resources and reef ecology presentation
  • a GoPro night with information about future career paths

The Instructor Exam (IE)

Many people worry about the IE.  The reality is that this is just as much a check of the course director as it is an evaluation of the instructor candidate.  By the end of the IDC, the course director has worked with the student for almost 2 weeks.  If they meet performance requirements then they go forward to the IE, and the examiner makes sure that the course director has done their job properly.

Instructor exams can be stressful for the candidate, but the examiner will put them at their ease, and – surprisingly – it can actually be fun!  

All candidates flew through their IE – our 100% pass rate is something we are very proud of. 

We offer a work experience internship to all candidates after they complete their IE. This gives real-life experience of teaching and working on liveaboards.  If you would like to do an upcoming IDC with Mark or Ann then contact us for further information.