We started diving with our open water course way back in 2003 in the UK. 15 years later as 40 (and a bit) year olds, doing our Divemaster Course with KSA was quite an experience!  Our intention was to primarily have a great experience.  We also wanted to take our diving to the next level and learn new skills. Being Divemasters would give us the option of having a part-time hobby job when we got back home.  We also hoped to pick up some casual work on our travels.  Overall I think we ticked the boxes.

Signing up to do this should not be done on a whim as it is more involved than you might first think. But it is more than worth the effort! We took the option of a 4 week course and although there is some time off it can be intensive at times (especially when you’re an ‘oldie’ like us! 😉 )

The first thing that struck us was how much we had forgotten since our open water course and our Rescue course back in 2006! It was great to recap all those important skills or relearn them as the case may be. I don’t even think some of the course items were ‘a thing’ back when we did them!

new skills on the Rescue Diver Course

The Course Structure

KSA run the DM course by splitting it up with pool sessions and self study to meet the course objectives and liveaboards to build up practical experiences and follow courses in Open Water which I think worked well. The course instructor Ann is there working tirelessly coordinating it all to ensure it all runs as smoothly as possible. Ann is great fun to work with in the pool sessions and on the training trip. We had a great time with her… well done for keeping those plates spinning Ann. Great job!

The three liveaboards varied a bit depending on which boat and trip leaders you are on with. We both loved being on MQ1 with Kris and Monja. They gave us both great support and feedback whilst we were on board their boat.  We learnt a lot from them and felt very relaxed. The instructors that we had the chance to work with (not already mentioned above) were also fantastic,.  Without naming them all (as there are quite a few) special thanks to Andrea, Colin, Thomas, Samir and Jan. It was a real pleasure working with you guys and getting some very handy hints! Also, Ann managed to get us on two trips together as a couple which was awesome. Thanks again for that Ann!

new friends

The biggest and best surprise positive was the people you can meet along the way. We were lucky enough to have lovely people doing our DM course with us as well as on the instructor trainee course. Along with the KSA staff, there were always people to spend lunches, dinners and generally socialise with.