We have just launched our new Divemaster Internship and we think it’s fabulous! (We’re not biased at all – really 😉 )

We’ve developed our Divemaster Course over the last few years and we include 3 Similan Liveaboard trips as well as pool and theory training.  It’s lots of fun, but it is intensive.  In 4 weeks you cover a LOT of material. You learn loads and develop from a recreational diver into a Divemaster, but it is full-on.

So we’ve created our Internship to give you options.

The New Divemaster Internship is here

Some people have more time, or feel that they want to take their training a bit slower. And that’s ok.

Others are not so confident and want to give themselves the opportunity to practice more. That’s ok too.  Our Internship is flexible.  It’s a minimum of 2 months, but if you feel that you want more practice at guiding, you can have it.

longtail boat trip

We give you extra guiding practice and training on our new longtail boat.  It goes to some of our local wrecks and reefs, so you can get lots of experience on day-trip boats as well as our liveaboard trips.

You still get the 3 Similan Island liveaboard trips, the pool training and the fun.  We still have Master Instructors teaching you, and we still provide you with equipment if you need it.  What you also get on the Internship is a bit more time.  A more relaxed pace.  And extra guiding practice on local dive sites.

Ready to find out more? Use the contact form on the side of the page (laptops) or the bottom of the page (phones) and we’ll be happy to tell you more!

Divemaster training on our liveaboards