At Khao Lak Scuba Adventures we are big on caring for our environment.

We actively support a local ‘Trash Hero’ group that cleans the local beaches every week. All of our Divemaster Courses include the Dive Against Debris specialty, as we think it’s important to lead by example.

Trash Hero

Every Saturday you will find us out with bin bags and gloves cleaning the local area as part of the Trash Hero Khao Lak team. It’s a local community activity and other dive shops, hotels and businesses come together to help us take care of our local area. We love Khao Lak, and we want to make sure that everyone that visits sees it at it’s best.

Dive Against Debris

Project Aware started the very successful campaign to Dive Against Debris, and the Dive Against Debris specialty takes it a stage further.
It is a citizen science project to not only clean up our oceans one dive at a time, but to record the trash removed from each site.  We do this so that real statistics are collected about the extent of ocean pollution.

As part of our commitment to Project Aware and Dive Against Debris, we teach the Dive Against Debris specialty to all our Divemasters. They learn what they can remove, and how to log the information so that they can run their own ‘Dive Against Debris’ dives

Ocean Conservation Training and Outreach

Ocean Conservation Training and Outreach (OCTO) is a project that we have set up to:

  • source and supply re-useable alternatives to plastic products
  • educate local youth about the ocean environment
  • develop coral gardening on our local reefs
  • support environmental initiatives from other local groups

Sea Shepherd Dive Centre

We support Sea Shepherd in their environmental actions by selling Sea Shepherd products for them.  Come in and support their projects with your purchases.

No Plastic Water Bottles

We don’t allow any plastic water bottles on our liveaboards. Through our OCTO project, we also sell re-useable bottles, bags and straws.  It needs everyone to do their bit, and we’re here to help.

If you would like to find out more about our environmental efforts, please contact us

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